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I started working in the field of web when I was in 7th grade. And now, web is my passion and profession.


Born in India, I was raised in an environment where academics was considered more important than skills. I, on the other hand wanted to do something different.

I love animals, technology, video games and food. I watch a lot of tv series and anime. I read for pleasure and listen to a lot of music.

  • Fullname: Prateek Kathal
  • Birth Date: July 30, 1994
  • Job: Freelancer, Backend Developer
  • Website: SnapTimes.in
  • Email: contact@prateekkathal.com


I'm a highly skilled PHP Developer with experience in MVC frameworks like Laravel 5 & CodeIgniter 2/3 and CMS (Content Management Systems) like Wordpress.

I have sound knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX and have also developed hybrid mobile apps using Ionic 2 & AngularJS 2.

  • 95%
    PHP | Laravel 5 | MySQL
  • 90%
    HTML 5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap 3/4
  • 85%
    Javascript / JQuery / AJAX
  • 90%
  • 75%
    MEAN Stack & Ionic 2

More of my credentials.

I started coding when I was 13. I created my first website on Blogger and gradually worked my way through Wordpress.

Now, I eat, sleep, code repeat!

Work Experience

Full Stack Web Developer

April 2018 - Present


Software/App Development using PHP 7.2, Laravel 5.6, Wordpress 4.9, Sage 8, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript and Advanced Custom Fields (Wordpress).

1. Wordpress theme development using Advanced Custom Fields.
2. Responsive theme development using Bootstrap 4.
3. Database Design for apps built on Laravel.
4. REST API Development using Laravel.
5. AWS/Google Cloud integration on Laravel.
6. Server management & app deployments.

Web/Mobile App Developer

December 2017 - April 2018

Web Vertical Domains

Server management & bug fixes on applications built using PHP 7.2, MEAN Stack (Node, Express, Angular 1 & MongoDB), Joomla 3.8, Wordpress 4.8, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript, jQuery.

1. Integration of Node application with Twilio.
2. Bug Fixes related to user profile, google maps etc on Node/Angular.
3. Server Managment on cPanel based Servers.
4. Cloud Server Setup (MEAN & LAMP Stack) & management.
4. Bug Fixes on Joomla based Web Apps.
5. Android/iOS App Testing & Deployments.


August 2016 - Present


The website was created to spread awareness about social issues and other important aspects of the society. It also aims to provide information about the latest and upcoming tech/gadgets in the market. Along with that, there are tutorials on CMS like WordPress, Blogger etc. and information on coding programs like PHP, C++, Java etc. The main objective of this website is to share and spread knowledge amongst the youth and geeks of the modern world!

Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - July 2017

SquareBoat Solutions

Majorly involved software/app development using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5 etc. Worked on frameworks like Laravel 5, AngularJS 2 and Ionic 3.

1. Integration of online payment gateways (Razorpay)
2. Database management and administration
3. Real-time mobile chat applications using FCM
4. Live audio/video calling using Sinch as a service.
5. Integration of APIs of Google, Facebook and many other websites...
6. Building packages for Laravel 5
7. Building web apps on AngularJS 2
8. Building Hybrid mobile apps on Ionic 3
9. Installing/setting up LAMP Stack, Node etc. on Linux servers
10. Server monitoring techniques using AWS Cloudwatch
10. Minimizing/Optimizing JS for faster page loads using Gulp
11. AWS micro-service architecture using EC2, RDS, Elastic Cache, SQS
12. Security guidelines and protocols to be followed
13. Creating public/private token based REST APIs
14. Code optimization & Code re-structuring techniques
15. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques

Web Developer (Intern)

Feb 2016 - April 2016


Providing support in the development of RuddBuddy.com using technologies like AngularJS 1.0, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3.0, CSS3 & HTML5. Majorly involved :-

1. The integration of PayUMoney as a gateway
2. Improvisation of site layout
3. Fixing of bugs/design issues in the website

Software Developer (Intern)

January 2014 - July 2014

SquareBoat Solutions

Software development using web technologies like PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter etc. Majorly worked on implementing/building the following features for the website Wee.Do and Clippod.com :-

1. Facebook/Google+ Login
2. Paypal as a Payment Gateway
3. Google Calendar Integration & Synchronization
4. Issue/Bug Tracking using Asana, Bitbucket and GitHub
5. Real-time HTML5 notifications using Pusher
6. Use of browser's local storage for Sessions and Data Management


Ontario Graduate Certificate

August 2017 - Present

Lambton College, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

In software development, the major areas of study include programming logic, web technologies, visual design, illustration and animation. I construct my own web servers that provide robust, customized and responsive web experiences to end-users.

In digital media design, I manage professional grade image manipulation, illustration, animation and video production software to deliver a focused media experience. Utilizing industry standard software development tools, I design and build web content for a multitude of use-cases ranging from simple business card websites to full-blown e-commerce platforms.

I can also compare real-world software development practices to create and administer platforms that host all industry software needs in the cloud. These collective skills enable me to design and manage effectively in a variety of fields from marketing, content creation and educational technology.

Bachelor's Degree

August 2012 - June 2016

MD University, Rohtak, Haryana, India

The initial years of my gradually majorly focused on the concepts of programming in C and C++. Mandatory engineering subjects such as Physics, Chemisty, Maths and The Basics Electronics and Electrical Engineering were also a part of my curriculum.

The second year was built to improvise the understanding of Data Structures and Program Logic. Along with this, I was also taught about the Principals of Operating Systems.

The curriculum of third year consisted of the concepts of Core JAVA. A focus on Web Technologies and Computer Archicture was also given.

In the final year, I was taught Advanced JAVA and Advanced Computer Architecture and Software Project Management.

As a student, I took part in different activities and became an active member of IEEE Branch as well as Google Students Club. I was honored with multiple positions in the IEEE Branch and was chosen as a Graphic Designer in GSC for an year.


I write because I love to!

Writing how you feel about something is never gonna be wrong. It helps calm your mind, preserve your thoughts and share knowledge/reason amongst the readers.

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January 17, 2016

Everyone is capable of creating history, its only a matter of hardwork, sharp mind and big dream

Failure is among us!

October 4, 2015

Don’t just talk! Take actions! Commenting on a facebook post is easy, but going on the streets and fighting for things proves your guts. Get Bent!

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May 6, 2015

Dogs are mans best friends and if there is anything you can do for your best friend, that is, keep him safe and give him love.

My College : Nothing but a burden!

November 23, 2014

A story I would like to share about my college. An unforgettable and struggling experience.


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